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In marriage, if something bad happens to one person, or one person becomes a jerk, the system breaks. Any engineer will tell you that is a poorly designed system.

Dilbert cartoonist: Nuclear-family marriage is poor engineering.

La réduction de l’affect à la petite zone humaine qu’est la famille, et encore pire, après, au couple, est quelque chose de terrifiant pour moi. On devrait pouvoir vivre avec l’humanité entière.

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We have to ask, what makes a relationship different that a really close friendship? What is monogamy? At what point would I be cheating on my romantic partner with my best friend? What commitments do we need to make in order for us both to feel safe and trusting? You have to go deeper than some sexual couples might, where that line is drawn by sex.

What I've learned about Sex from Asexuality

La liberté, cette liberté !
C'est cher, mais c'est bien remboursé
Ça vous console de presque tout
Ô liberté, ma tourterelle
À toi seulement je suis fidèle
Quand je te trompe, tu t'en fous !

Evelyne Gallet - Infidèle

A.J.: Joe, I need to ask your advice. Now I know you know a lot about love and women and all that sort of thing...
Joe: Oh yeah, my wife left me for another woman and my girlfriend forced me to leave at gunpoint. Does this qualify me?
A.J.: Oh yeah, definitely.

Empire Records

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