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The main difference between [polyamory] and polygamy is that marriage is not considered a necessary part of a polyamorous relationship—and nor, for that matter, is sex. Polyamory simply means that you want to form significant emotional bonds—of any manner—with more than one person. In that sense you could argue that we are all polyamorists: even if we don't plan to have romantic relationships with more than one person, most of us intend to have friends and family around.

TVTropes - For The Love Of Many

Come get me
Come get me
Come get me

Though you’re not far away
You’re still in outer space
Can’t you come get me
I’m not that hard to save

I don’t leave easily
And I can shock your brain
Take me or seize me
I won’t come willingly

Two Thirds & Feint - Starscapes Ft. Veela (Rameses B Remix)
(Oui, tout à fait, j'écoute de la dance, et je t'emmerde :x)